Lockdown – raising to a challenge

Autumn of the year 2020 – now is the season when we need holistic therapies even more than ever. 

The times when anxiety, loneliness and depression set in, without help some are in danger of spiralling deep into the grasp of these negative issues. The longer we wait for support, the harder it is to find a path to splendid, balanced health and wellbeing. Our body then pays the price in the form of aches, pains, stiffness and discomfort. 

I deeply care about my clients, and I am upset when I find myself cancelling client’s appointments due to another national lockdown. 

Esperanza Holistics – Stay safe in covid times

Lockdown is a nightmare time for any business.  We have to follow the ever-changing government guidelines, invest time, effort and financially, and in my case without any government support, also with no idea when this will bear any fruit in return. An empty diary also means no income, oh joy! 

But you know me, raising to a challenge is what I do best. So, yet again, I find myself taking a deep breath, sticking my thinking hat on and, of course, putting my hand in my pocket. I have taken steps to ensure that Esperanza Holistics studio is as safe as it can be for my clients. I have installed a wash basin by the door, with individual towels. I also leave much longer times between the clients, to deep clean and air the treatment room also wiping down surfaces between the front door and the room.

And for the times when I am prevented from personally getting my hands on you, I shall be offering very empowering Distance Energy and Reiki sessions, which will allow you to find the way to rectify your posture, ease discomfort and renew your energy.  It is a profound method of healing the body on many levels – physical, vibrational, emotional and spiritual. Each session is individually tailored to your needs. 

If you feel that I can help then please contact me on esperanzaholistics@yahoo.com to arrange a session.

Kind regards,