About me

I love practicing holistic therapies. I believe that the knowledge and intuition I have acquired in my continuous studies have saved my life and sanity after a life changing road traffic accident.

I wear my scars with pride, as a reminder of the choice I have made that day. I did not give up, pulled my resources together, asked for help and worked my socks off to ensure my recovery. 

I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking for miles with my boisterous Jack Russel “Poppy”.  Otherwise I will be in my kitchen, creating scrumptious soups and stews, or baking lots of unusual healthy and joyous creations. I see food as a big part of our holistic approach to life, and love to feel nourished. If you feel the same – I have a lot of recipes to offer!


Ludmila Edwards, holistic therapist from West Kirby


Ludmila Edwards (Sucha-Davies)

  • 1992 – Physiotherapist,  study field – 56-06-6, Physiotherapy Medical High School and Medical College, Alsovo nabrezi 6/82, Prague 1 (all aspects of remedial therapy including MLD, Massage, Kinetics, Remedial Physical Education and Rehabilitation procedures)
  • 1997 – Reiki 1 Usui Shiki Ryoto, Reiki Alliance
  • 1998 – Reiki 2
  • 1999 – IIHHT Reflexology, registration number 184029
  • 2000 – IIHHT Indian Head Massage, registration number 184029
  • 2004 – BTEC Foundation Degree Health and Care Practice
  • 2009 – VCTC Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards
  • 2009 – VCTC Level 3 Nutritional Advice, registration number 833372
  • 2017 – Deep Tissue Massage – GW Training School for Massage, Beauty and healing
  • 2017 – Seated acupressure massage –  GW Training School for Massage, Beauty and healing
  • 2018 – Manual Lymphatic Drainage –  GW Training School for Massage, Beauty and healing
  • 2018 – Treating Common Headaches (NCBTMB) Advanced Learning Programme, NeilAsher  
  • 2019 – Introduction to Shin Tai Shiatsu 
  • 2019 – Shiatsu Foundation level and  Holistics Acupressure, use of acupuncture points,  Shiatsu College, Manchester branch
  • 2019 –  Reflexology CPD, Jubilee College
  • 2022 – Gentle Warrior’s Way, Kindy Kaur 3 day workshop
  • 2023 – LASER Level 4 Diploma in Shiatsu
  • 2023 – Back to Roots, the development and methods of traditional Japanese Shiatsu, Hungarian Shiatsu Association 
  • 2023 – OHASHI Oriental Diagnosis and Healing Scarf Technique 
  • 2024 – MLD CPD, Prague
  • 2024 – Understanding Foot and Pelvis, James Earls&Owen Lewis, MMM Therapy Training

I am insured by the Balens, and I am a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Ludmila working & practicing