Your first session

Your first session includes an initial health consultation and a conversation about issues to address. Our sessions are confidential.

What to expect at the session? 

Initial consultation is included in price if followed by a session.

 You will be asked to fill out a short, confidential health questionnaire and invited to have a conversation about any issues you would like to address. All information is confidential. I will make suggestions about what combinations of therapies we should start with.


  • Please wear very comfortable clothing and natural fibre socks 
  • Please refrain from eating at least an hour before your session
  • Drink of water will be available
  • Please set aside at least 70 minutes for the initial session
  • For more complex issues a set of 5 sessions could be recommended with a favourable price
  • Consequent sessions – please set side between 50 and 60 minutes
  • Please read our Cancellation policy


Having further questions? Don’t hesitate to ask – I’ll be happy to answer.

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