Massage room

Every move will be tailored to your individual requirements. For the duration of the session you will receive undivided attention; our aim is for you to feel magnificent, walk taller and burst with confidence.

You are coming to Esperanza not for just any standard treatment, here you will restore your energy levels and help your own body to start the process of healing and self-awareness. Your wishes and needs will be identified in our initial consultation.

As your body changes with every moment of time, your requirements change too, and this transformation is taken into account. Your feedback and communication during the session are important.

Esperanza Holistics studio is situated in a specially dedicated room in a family house, in the centre of West Kirby, Wirral.

The treatment room is decorated in neutral colours, to keep your mind clear and focused on the therapy you are receiving. Close your eyes and let your mind drift with the aid of soothing music of your choice. If you wish to listen to your specifically chosen music, please let us know beforehand, and it will be arranged.

Follow up advice is given after each session, to enhance the benefits of the treatment you have received.

In the massage room