Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a physical approach to health and wellbeing. Originating in Japan, practitioners work on supporting and strengthening the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.

A contemporary bodywork therapy, Shiatsu works on all the different energetic levels of your body: physical, emotional and spiritual. Shiatsu is about living your potential and opening your mind to the possibilities available to you.

Shiatsu touch is simple and profound, bringing awareness to all parts of the body. It induces deep relaxation in which mind and body both find healing.

These days many people are hovering between the healthy and sick. There is no positive way of helping them until they become ill in the western sense. With Shiatsu, TCM and other oriental approaches, we can immediately begin treatment to these half-healthy people, before their symptoms develop into a concrete disease that can be categorised. Shiatsu can help to guide people to the goal of health, and that is why I consider it an important health care method that can not only treat but mainly prevent disease.

Shiatsu treatments are given with the client fully clothed, and lying on a futon, massage table or seated. It involves gentle pressure applied by the thumbs and palms, rotations, movement and comfortable stretches.

Ludmila practising a shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu for Pregnancy

During this special time in your life, it’s not just your body that’s changing: alongside the physical shifts, your emotional state is shifting too. So taking a holistic approach makes perfect sense, helping to balance all parts of you.

Shiatsu for Pregnancy can ease the physical and emotional symptoms associated with pregnancy – in the early stages, fatigue, nausea, heartburn, constipation and other digestive issues; and later on, aches and pains in the hips, sacrum and lower back. Shiatsu can also help you rest more effectively: my clients report having slept particularly well after a session of relaxing Shiatsu.

Rest assured that I will always assess your specific needs before every session, so that you know you will receive a 90-minute session tailored to your requirements on the day.  Esperanza Holistics is a safe place, where you will receive not just physical but also emotional support, with kindness and in confidentiality.

Pregnancy Shiatsu is suitable for most mums-to-be*, and can really help to ease the conditions mentioned above. Some of these ailments may well have been present to some extent before conception, and pregnancy has highlighted them. So relieving them now will stand you in good stead for after labour, when you are busy with your new baby.

You have found my page, so I trust that you have done your research and understood the benefits of receiving a session of this wonderful holistic therapy. For your complete ease of mind, do feel free to check with your midwife or GP that Shiatsu is a suitable therapy for you.

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* Please be aware that I will be unable to offer you a session if you are experiencing any of the following issues: vaginal bleeding, sudden headache, blurred vision, unusual swelling or extremely high blood pressure.

What my clients say about shiatsu sessions?

Clients’ feedback provides evidence of the many benefits their sessions have provided.

‘Ludmila identifies problem areas before I have noticed them properly. She observes my body language and accurately pinpoints areas of tension, clenched muscles and tight shoulders. Then she proceeds to iron out these problems before they can cause lasting damage on my skeletal frame.

Aside from the physicality of the treatments she encourages a nourishing enjoyment of food. She makes me feel more balanced more positive and better able to cope with whatever life throws at me.’

Feedback on Shiatsu by Jenna Brassington with a sleep diagram.
Feedback on Shiatsu by Jenna Brassington

“When Ludmila asked what is was id like to leave with from my treatment i unconvincingly repliued with “to feel my old self again.” the tretament was wonderful, unbelievable, magical…I was in disbleief as i didnt think it was possible to feel anywhere near my old self ever again, and so i cant express enough the incredible ways in wich Ludmila has worked on me in such a short space of time. Ludmila listens with intent and her gentle approach, knowledge and undertsanding with the breif information she recieved from me that day resulted in what i can only describe as ‘immediate stillness.’ I rebooked straight away for another shiatsu appointment within several days. My second appointment helped me even further, in more ways than one. Before recieving treamtment from Ludmila i felt pretty low to the ground and would use bouts of energy to gather myself at the start, middle and end of the day. Since my two Shiatsu sessions i have felt lighter and more efficient with physical movements and mental decissions which is more than i expected from 1, never mind 2 sessions. I cant wait for my next one 🙂 thank you :)”

Jane Orme

“This was amazing i will definitely be back for another treatment thank you again.”

Emma Tyndall

“Had a amazingly relaxing shiatsu massage whilst 8 months pregnant. Really holistic approach and was given useful tips for birthing preparation. Was so comfortable throughout the treatment and slept amazingly well afterwards!”

Jade Loftus

“Have been coming to see Ludmila for a few months and I love having whatever treatment she deems fit for me. Whatever I have done I always feel the benefit. Thank you Ludmila 🙏🏻”

Karen Chevalier

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