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My area of focus is reduction of stress, anxiety and alleviation of insomnia, but my practice is not limited to these aspects alone. I have successfully helped clients with issues such as headaches, back problems, frozen shoulder, swelling and oedema, scar tissue and mental clarity. I offer my clients support in their continuous development to achieve their long-term goals, health change or career and weight issues. 

Esperanza Holistics studio is a safe place for you to express your emotions, insecurities and supressed feelings. My approach is non-judgemental, I believe that release of emotions is an important part of healing. 

Esperanza Holistics offer

  • Reflexology treatment, Shiatsu massage incl. Pregnancy Shiatsu massage, Seated Acupressure massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue massage, and Indian head massage;
  • either as individual treatments, or usually as a wonderful combination.
  • Distance Reiki and Self Shiatsu Support Sessions.

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Ludmila performing a shiatsu massage
Ludmila meditating at her massage studio in West Kirby, Wirral.

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Where is the Esperanza Holistics studio located?

The Esperanza Holistics studio is situated in the centre of West Kirby in Wirral, UK.

More about the location

The Esperanza Holistics massage room is located in a specially dedicated room in a family house.

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The massage room is ready for a shiatshu massage.
Ludmila practising a qigong exercise in the park.

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Recent testimonials

“When Ludmila asked what is was id like to leave with from my treatment i unconvincingly repliued with “to feel my old self again.” the tretament was wonderful, unbelievable, magical…I was in disbleief as i didnt think it was possible to feel anywhere near my old self ever again, and so i cant express enough the incredible ways in wich Ludmila has worked on me in such a short space of time. Ludmila listens with intent and her gentle approach, knowledge and undertsanding with the breif information she recieved from me that day resulted in what i can only describe as ‘immediate stillness.’ I rebooked straight away for another shiatsu appointment within several days.

My second appointment helped me even further, in more ways than one. Before recieving treamtment from Ludmila i felt pretty low to the ground and would use bouts of energy to gather myself at the start, middle and end of the day. Since my two Shiatsu sessions i have felt lighter and more efficient with physical movements and mental decissions which is more than i expected from 1, never mind 2 sessions. I cant wait for my next one 🙂 thank you :)”

Jane Orme

“This was amazing i will definitely be back for another treatment thank you again.”

Emma Tyndall

“Had a amazingly relaxing shiatsu massage whilst 8 months pregnant. Really holistic approach and was given useful tips for birthing preparation. Was so comfortable throughout the treatment and slept amazingly well afterwards!”

Jade Loftus

“Have been coming to see Ludmila for a few months and I love having whatever treatment she deems fit for me.

Whatever I have done I always feel the benefit. Thank you Ludmila 🙏🏻”

Karen Chevalier

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