Feedback from Pauline

A lovely review just landed to my inbox…

I have been attending reflexology sessions with Ludmila for eight months. She is an excellent holistic therapist whom I trust implicitly. A true qualified and skilled professional full of compassion and understanding of my personal health issues and needs.

It has been an amazing experience! I came to Ludmila to receive treatment for a long standing shoulder problem but holistic therapy touches so much more, every part of you. Ludmila is a lovely person who truly cares about your well-being, showing great empathy and sensitivity. A woman passionate about helping people be and stay well and healthy.

The reflexology is wonderful and I leave our sessions walking on air, feeling so good, relaxed and peaceful. My shoulder has improved immensely. The night cramps which I suffered with have ceased and my sinus problems have greatly decreased.

Reflexology is not a once-only, quick fix, it needs patience, commitment and time but it is so good for the body and mind and well worth it; far better than taking pills and potions, unless these are medically necessary.

Following my initial weekly sessions together with subtle lifestyle changes, I now have monthly reflexology to keep everything ticking over nicely.

Since having holistic therapy, I feel I am a far healthier person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.I highly recommend Ludmila and her therapy to anyone and everyone. Absolutely brilliant! 110% satisfaction!

Thank you so much, Ludmila!

Pauline Ilsley