Spring nettle cure

Suddenly, the Spring arrived as if overnight, and energy woke up to the full force. The green colour started to take over the gloomy shades of the winter blues, our stagnated energy is sprouting upwards and we need to spring straight into action just to keep up with the sudden change. But after seemingly unending months of winter time we feel drained, pale, tired…

What are we to do? Let’s find something natural to pick us up – drumroll for one of the most helpful plants of the spring time!

Nettle – the queen of every ditch and unkempt corner, spreads its stingy stems with prickly leaves like an army ready to conquer the world. But do not be mistaken – underneath its feisty appearance there is an abundance of goodness and health properties. Its magical powers have the ability to strengthen kidney function, help urinary tract issues, boost immunity, sooth skin irritations, clear the blood, make your hair shiny, even support your bones, and it is used as a natural way to cure eczema and allergies.

Pick just the freshest, greenest tips. You might get stung, hey, enjoy the feeling, this plant is not going to give up its goodness without a fight. This wonderful healing herb needs to have some protection, otherwise there would be none left on this planet. No need to reach for that dock leaf, just relish the fact that the prize is already in your basket. Remember, getting tickled by nettle helps your body prevent arthritis.Put handful of nettles into a pot, pour hot, but not boiling water, leave for 20 min, drink, enjoy. Sip the first cup of the day in the morning, on an empty stomach, while mentally preparing for the day. To reap the most benefits, repeat a mantra – I am cleansing my body, I am full of energy.