Price adjustment

Dear Esperanza Holistics friends,

I want to thank you for choosing me as your therapist.  I love welcoming you into my studio to deliver the best possible care and alleviate your aches and pains.

We have all had a challenging year, and have all had to adapt our lifestyles in some way. I have also adapted and, with the support and blessing of the Shiatsu Society Board, I can still practice in my home studio, despite the lockdown.

Last year I invested a lot into my work, financially and personally; new courses, books, equipment update, you name it.  I have to have more space between my clients, deep clean the studio and surrounding areas after every single client and cope with very short notice cancellations, for which I have waived the usual cancelation fee. This had a big impact on my finances and viability of my services, yet I provide those with a smile.

My goal is to continually improve the quality of my services and keep finding ways to help my clients in the most effective manner. Research into my client’s conditions and the most effective way to help usually takes time outside your hands-on session; this provides the real, yet unseen value of Esperanza Holistics care.

Those who know me will agree that prices for my valuable services are modest, but no longer viable to keep Esperanza Holistics as it is. I will honour these prices till 28/2/2021, and then there will be an increase in my rates. Thank you for your understanding.

On 01/03/2021 the prices will change to:

  • £40/ 1 hour session
  • £70/ 2 hour session
  • £200/6 x 1 hour session

If this increase causes a financial hardship for you please speak to me about finding an alternative solution.

Kind regards,